[Orca-checkins] r518 - orca/trunk

blair at orcaware.com blair at orcaware.com
Sat Dec 10 11:26:32 PST 2005

Author: blair at orcaware.com
Date: Sat Dec 10 11:25:58 2005
New Revision: 518


Actually use the ACLOCAL and the AUTOCONF environmental variables if
they are set.

* autogen.sh:
  Use ACLOCAL and fall back to 'aclocal' if ACLOCAL is not set.
  Use AUTOCONF and fall back to 'autoconf if AUTOCONF is not set.

Modified: orca/trunk/autogen.sh
--- orca/trunk/autogen.sh	(original)
+++ orca/trunk/autogen.sh	Sat Dec 10 11:25:58 2005
@@ -43,6 +43,6 @@
 # Now create configure and it's associated build files.
 echo "$0: creating configure and associated build files..."
-aclocal -I config --output=config/aclocal.m4
-autoconf --include=config
+${ACLOCAL:-aclocal} -I config --output=config/aclocal.m4
+${AUTOCONF:-autoconf} --include=config
 rm -fr autom4te*.cache

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