[Orca-checkins] r454 - trunk/orca/lib/Orca

blair at orcaware.com blair at orcaware.com
Wed May 11 14:02:26 PDT 2005

Author: blair at orcaware.com
Date: Wed May 11 14:01:24 2005
New Revision: 454

Fix a bug with the new volatile processing code where a ? character
can now appear in the HTML and image filenames when the 'data'
parameter in an Orca configuration file contains a ? character.
Filenames containing a ? character can not be download by the browser
because the web server interprets the ? character as the start of a
CGI parameter name=value pair query string and removes the query
portion from the URL when it looks for the file in the filesystem and
hence does not open() the correct filename.

* lib/Orca/Utils.pm
    Apply s:\?:_Q_:g to all filenames to change the ? character.

Modified: trunk/orca/lib/Orca/Utils.pm
--- trunk/orca/lib/Orca/Utils.pm	(original)
+++ trunk/orca/lib/Orca/Utils.pm	Wed May 11 14:01:24 2005
@@ -114,6 +114,7 @@
   $name =~ s:\s+:_:g;
   $name =~ s:%:_pct_:g;
   $name =~ s:#:_num_:g;
+  $name =~ s:\?:_Q_:g;
   $name =~ s:\*:_X_:g;
   # Trim anything containing orcallator and orca to o.

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