[Orca-dev] Re: unknown value

Blair Zajac blair at gps.caltech.edu
Fri Jun 15 09:06:10 PDT 2001

This normally should not happen.  Check if you have two Orca's running
at the same time that could update the same RRD files.

Also, check your configuration file to see if you don't create the
same data expression in two different places.  Orca may get confused in
trying to update what it thinks are two different RRD files but are
really one.


Viette James-CJV004 wrote:
> I have ran into this problem before and I can't remember how I fixed
> it in the past. Please help.
> ./bin/orca: warning: cannot put data starting at Fri Jun 15 13:10:02
> 2001 (992610602) into
> `/usr/local/var/orca/rrd/orcallator/il06muora02/o_il06muora02_usr_pct.rrd':
> illegal attempt to update using time 992610602 when last update time
> is 992610602 (minimum one second step)
> Jim Viette

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