[Orca-dev] Re: Announce: Orca-0.27b2 released

Jason D. Kelleher kelleher944 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 4 12:37:35 PDT 2001

I have a quick question regarding item 6.  Instead of changing the
orcallator.se to create a new file, SourceFile.pm could be modified
to scan for new headerlines in the middle of files if
"column_description first_line" is used.  The col_name from the
"date_source column_name col_name" config option could be used to
identify the new headerline.  (If fixed column names are used, this
is a non issue, so that case doesn't matter.)  If you think this is a
reasonable change, I'll give it a shot and send you a patch.


--- Blair Zajac <blair at orcaware.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm releasing orca version 0.27b2.  Unless there are any problems
> with this
> release, it will become version 0.27.
> It is available at
> http://www.orcaware.com/orca/pub/
> Changes in this release from 0.27b1 are below.
> Let me know of any problems with this release.
> Enjoy,
> Blair
> NEW IN ORCA 0.27b2
> ==================
>  1) Orca has a new home page:
>       http://www.orcaware.com/
>     All of the links in Orca, orcallator.se and the orcallator.se
>     configuration file have been updated to point to the new web
> site.
>  2) To allow input data files to represent that a measurement is
> not
>     available or could not be measured, the letter 'U' can be
> placed
>     where the numerical data would normally appear.  This is better
>     than storing an out-of-range value in the input data files. 
> The
>     'U' is passed to RRDtool which properly handles this unknown
>     value.
>  3) Fix a bug where Orca would leave around many defunct bunzip2,
>     gunzip or uncompress processes when reading compressed input
>     data files using a separate process to pipe in the uncompressed
>     data.  Orca now closes the pipe when the end of file has been
>     reached allowing the system to reap the defunct processes.
>  4) Include and require Digest::MD5 2.16 and Storable 1.0.13.
> The following changes are what's new in orcallator.se 1.28 and the
> orcallator.cfg file since version 1.23 which was included with Orca
> 0.26.  All of the changes below are taken advantage of in the
> included
> orcallator.cfg and start_orcallator files.
>  5) In orcallator.cfg.in, the Disk Run Percent plots also match for
>     disk_runp_sd\d+ in addition to disk_runp_md\d+.
>  6) Change the output log filename format from percol-%Y-%m-%d to
>     percol-%Y-%m-%d-XXX, where XXX is a number starting at 0 that
> is
>     incremented anytime the number of output columns changes or
> type
>     of data stored in a column changes.  This is in addition to the
>     creation of a new log filename when a new day starts.  Whenever
>     the program needs to create a new log file for any reason, it
> will
>     search for the smallest XXX so that there are no log files
> named
>     percol-%Y-%m-%d-XXX{,.Z,.gz,.bz2}.  If the COMPRESSOR
>     environmental is set and any uncompressed files are found while
>     looking for the smallest XXX, they are compressed with the
>     COMPRESSOR command.  orcallator.cfg.in's find_files has been
>     updated to find the new log filenames generated by
> orcallator.se
>     1.28.
>  7) Instead of outputting the number of CPUs only when WATCH_MUTEX
> is
>     defined, output it when either WATCH_CPU or WATCH_MUTEX is
>     defined.  Only declare and update tmp_mutex if WATCH_MUTEX
>     defined.
>  8) Add three parameters that vmstat outputs to the output files
> that
>     orcallator.se generates, #runque, vmstat's `r' column, which is
>     the number of processes in the run queue waiting to run on a
> CPU,
>     #waiting, vmstat's `b' column, which is the number of processes
>     blocked for resourceses (I/O, paging), and #swpque, vmstat's
> `w',
>     the number of proceses runnable but swapped out.  In
>     orcallator.cfg.in add a new plot titled "Processes in Run
>     Queue/Waiting/Swapped" to plot the new measurements.
>  9) Check [wr]lentime to see if an EMC is using a fake disk for
>     control.  EMC disks have a fake disk which commands are run
> over
>     to configure the disk array or to get stats from; they are not
>     real data transfers. They cause 1000 MB/sec writes to appear in
>     the stats.  I still get them but not as often with this bit of
>     code in.  If the I/O which occurred in the last five minutes is
>     not greater than 1/100sec then it is not a very valid stat
> anyway.
>     What hapens is that we can have a small I/O, say 1024 bytes, in
> a
>     1/100sec = 1024*100/sec.  Make sure to define
>     HAVE_EMC_DISK_CONTROL to enable this check.  Patch contributed
> by
>     Damon Atkins <Damon.Atkins at nabaus.com.au>.
> 10) Increase MAX_COLUMNS from 512 to 2048.

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