[Orca-dev] Re: DNnsrkcmdit

Rusty Carruth rcarruth at tempe.tt.slb.com
Mon Oct 8 09:50:17 PDT 2001

EMelander at wyndham.com wrote:
> I was examining the output of orcallator.se and noticed
> a column called "DNnsrkcmdit".  What is this column a 
> measure of?  Thanks!

Its the warning tag thingy.

If you run zoom (assuming zoom is still around!), it gives warning 
levels, from white to black, of the different stats.

That DNnsrkcmdit thingy is the text-based log of those warning
states.  I went and figured it out a while back, lets see if I've
got it handy:

D is for Disk stats
N is for Network state
n is for rpc client
s is for swap space
r is for ram
k is for kernel memory
c is for cpu
m is for mutex
d is for domain name lookup (dnlc, if you want to look in the code)
i is for inode
t is for tcp

Ah, shoot, I wasn't fast enough, Blair beat me ;-)

Well, I *will* comment that I'm working on modifying orcallator.se
to output those states as idividual numeric items so that they TOO
can be plotted.  (That's the cause of my previous email about
column counts)  Once I've gotten it to work with orca, i'll send
the changes to the orca-developers list for consideration...

(Beware!  I've cc'd BOTH -users and -developers lists... ;-0


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