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Alan LeGrand legrand at inow.com
Tue Oct 9 19:16:16 PDT 2001


If this is the only problem  then simply add

int GLOBAL_diskinfo_size = 512;

the size does not matter.  Since the disk_map function is suppose to
terminate before it reaches the end of the array.

Your fix eliminated searching for the long disk name of the short disk name
fd0 (floppy disk 0) which is not in the table.   disk_map is suppose to stop
as soon as it encounters a disk slice   c*s?   apparently your eide disk
dad0  long disk name differs from a scsi disk  long disk name. For example
the first scsi disk is normally sd0 and has a long disk name  c0t0d0  with
slices sd0,{a-f} or c0t0d0s{0-7}

What I really wanted to get from running the test program was the short to
long disk mapping for your disk. If you can't get the test program to run
you should still be able to identify the mapping from iostat by running it
with and without the -n option (if solaris 2.5.1 supports iostat -n.)
Unfortunately,I don't remeber when sun added this feature


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  alegrand at wallace.com wrote:
  > It seems to be missing the diskinfo.se Class  since I only have only
  > this
  > against Solaris 2.6, 2.7, and 2.8 may the include files are slightly
  > different
  > why don't you try adding
  > #include <diskinfo.se>
  > to the file I sent you

  I checked all .se files in my tree, and none of them define

  Now what?  ;-)


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