[Orca-dev] Re: Who configures Orca with --with-orcallator-dir

chingmd_622 chingmd_622 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 10 08:53:02 PDT 2002


I'm a recent new user of orcallator.  I do like being able to specify 
an output dir for the orcallator files.  It helps to keep the $prefix 
arena clean of anything but binaries.  

In my multi-platform/version environment, each platform as it's 
own /usr/local tree.  Therefore all the data files needs to be in a 
common area that is easily accessible by all machines independent of 
the OS.

Please keep it. )

I used --with-rrd-dir    --with-orcallator-dir    --with-html-dir 
(duh)    as well as   --prefix   


--- In orca-developers at y..., Blair Zajac <blair at o...> wrote:
> If nobody uses --with-orcallator-dir then I'll remove it 
completely, because
> there are more measurement tools coming out, such as orca_services, 
that need
> their own directory to store raw measurements to, and they are 
> using something like
> 	my_dir=$orcallatordir/../my_data
> which is clumsy.
> --with-orcallator-dir normally is
> 	$localstatedir/orca/orcallator
> which is
> 	$prefix/var/orca/orcallator
> I'd like to replace this with
> 	--with-var-dir
> which would be by default
> 	$prefix/var/orca
> and then each measurement tool would place their data under there.
> Speak up now or it'll be gone.
> Best,
> Blair
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