[Orca-dev] Subversion server upgraded to 0.36.0

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Tue Jan 13 17:37:54 PST 2004

Happy New Year!

I've upgraded the OrcaWare Subversion server to the official 0.36.0

While you may be able to communicate with the new server with an older
Subversion release, the Subversion development team only guarantees that
Subversion client versions 0.35.x, 0.36.x and 0.37.x will work with it.
In fact, this version of the Subversion server will not work with
Subversion clients older than 0.28.0.

Below is what's new in this version compared to the previously installed
0.35.1 server.

Version 0.36.0 [Beta Interim 1]
(branching 13 January 2004, from /branches/1.0-stabilization)

 User-visible changes:
 * add cancellation suport to svnadmin and svnlook (r8222)
 * runtime 'store-password' option renamed to 'store-auth-creds' (r8014)
 * 'svn blame' changes:
    - now shows correct revision info (r8035-6)
    - responds to cancellation better (r8129)
 * svnserve changes:
    - added '--inetd' option;  now required to speak with stdin/stdout (r8205)
    - added '--listen-port' and '--listen-host' options  (r8001-2)
    - removed '-u' option (r8003)
    - ignore SIGPIPE (no more repos lockups when you terminate a pipe) (r8140)
 * lots of Book work (many newly-documented Apache and svnserve topics)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * bugfix: svnserve network crash (r8142)
 * bugfix: return result_rev from svn_client_checkout correctly (r8096)
 * bugfix: fs history harvesting code (r8154)
 * bugfix: memory leak in mod_dav_svn (r8223)
 * bugfixes in edge-cases of status and update (r8114-5)
 * make 'svn blame' work with 18n and uri-escaped filenames (r8023, 8030, 8040)
 * small bugfixes to authentication system (r8006, r8235)
 * standardize error message formatting (r8218)
 * load RA modules as foo.so.0, not foo.so  (r8098)
 * various core API changes:
    - use constructor for svn_client_cxt_t (r8053-4)
    - anchor/target may use NULL for target (r8216)
    - stop using apr_ symbols (r8219)
    - rename to 'svn_repos_authz_func_t' (r8213)
    - add pool parameter to finish_report and abort_report (r8215)
 * numerous changes to Perl and Java bindings, to keep up with C API.


Blair Zajac <blair at orcaware.com>
Plots of your system's performance - http://www.orcaware.com/orca/

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