[Orca-dev] Applying patches

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Fri Jan 16 20:34:55 PST 2004

kim.taylor at pnc.com wrote:
> I want to apply the patch for "multiple 'volatile' data graphs" from
> http://www.orcaware.com/pipermail/orca-dev/2003-April/000366.html
> I see the patch was developed against revision 220.
> Now what:
> 1) Has that patch or an equivalent been rolled in to the latest source
> code?

Not yet.

> 2) How does revision 220 compare to the orca-0.27 tarball?

The orca-0.27 tarball was created with revision 163.  I found this
by running

    svn log http://svn.orcaware.com:8000/repos/tags/orca/0.27

and seeing the last commit.

> 3) Is there an available tarball newer than 0.27? (0.28b1?)

No, not yet.  I don't plan on releasing one until I review these
patches and get them into the tree.

> 4) Is there any way to see what's changed since the 0.27 tarball?

If you had the svn client, you could run in your trunk/orca

    svn diff -r 163:HEAD .

The other way without a client is to do a recursive get on

    http://svn.orcaware.com:8000/repos/tags/orca and 

and then doing a diff -ru yourself with the orca-0.27 tarball.

The diffs are huge though, as many files have been moved or changed.

> I don't really don't have the spare cycles needed to build and install SVN
> and all its pre-reqs.  (And I see no pre-built client for Solaris.)

Yes, I checked www.sunfreeware.com and they don't have one either.


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