[Orca-dev] Subversion server upgraded to 0.37.0

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Mon Jan 26 09:42:59 PST 2004


I've upgraded the OrcaWare Subversion server to the official 0.37.0

While you may be able to communicate with the new server with an older
Subversion release, the Subversion development team only guarantees that
Subversion client versions 0.36.x, 0.37.x and 0.38.x will work with it.
In fact, this version of the Subversion server will not work with
Subversion clients older than 0.28.0.

Below is what's new in this version compared to the previously installed
0.36.0 server.

Version 0.37.0 [Beta Interim 2]
(branching 24 January 2004, from /branches/1.0-stabilization)

User-visible changes:
 * bugfix: buffer overflow for AIX client
 * 'svn merge' now notices ancestry by default. (r8390)
 * bugfix:  double Ctrl-C on windows no longer wedges repository.
 * New date formats (see API change: Rewrite of date parser below)
 * bugfix: Errors in authentication when --no-interactive is turned on (r8139)
 * bugfix: Fix some 'access denied' errors on Windows (r8341, r8352)

Developer-visible changes:
 * API change: Rewrite of date parser (r8327, r8328, r8329) (issue #408)
 * bugfix: svn_fs__bdb_changes_fetch() fouls up change ordering (issue #1695)
 * require SWIG >=1.3.19 (issue #1690)
 * numerous changes to language bindings, to keep up with C API.
 * fix: apr build issues (r8279, r8280, r8318) (issue #1666)
 * changed the auth-provider C API to use 'realmstring' on all funcs
 * check the ra plugin ABI versions.
 * fix: ABI problem with blame.  (r8494) (issue #1705)
 * remove svn_io_file_printf from public API. (r8492) (issue #1653)
 * extensive changes in the perl client bindings. (r8270)
 * too many big and small internal code cleanups and fixes to mention here


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