[Orca-dev] RE: [Orca-users] TSM cartridge tape or HBA metrics in SEToolkit/Orcallator

Dmitry Berezin dberezin at surfside.rutgers.edu
Fri Mar 10 15:32:12 PST 2006



Do you mean tape device statistics similar to disk statistics? If yes, then
it is already included in orcallator.se (I wrote the code to support it a
year or so ago).


For the HBA specific metrics, I had done some work over a year ago, but
never had the time to finish it. I used the SNIA API and the ability of SE
to include external libraries to get information from the HBAs. If you are
interested, I can dig out my proof of concept work. Just curious, what HBAs
do you use? The reason I am asking is that the information that you can get
depends on the HBA driver and what is implemented by the vendor. HBAs do not
report their stuff to the kernel, so you have to go through the driver.






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Has anybody tried to get TSM Cartidge tape driver (/dev/rmt/4mt kind of
names) or HBA specific metrics into SEToolkit/Orca?

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