[Orca-users] Re: Wrong Data Displayed in GIG files.

pat.mcdermott at ni.com pat.mcdermott at ni.com
Fri Nov 19 10:36:06 PST 1999

From: pat.mcdermott at ni.com

Hi  ,

Perhaps somebody could help me out....I recently started using orca ( Novice ! )
to plot some simple text files..Everything downloaded / compiled
etc...I have it working using the default configuration , plotting graphs  with
the 300sec update period - it looks good...I wanted to graph 1min samples and
show the LAST value for that sampling period , I modified the orca program to
include LAST...When I do a rrdtool dump etc , I can see in the RRA that the data
on each 1min interval is correct ..However the Gifs produced show the value
exactly 5mins previously , whereas the timstamp on the GIF shows the value of
the last 1min sample ie: if the current time is 15:22 , the GIF shows values
that were sampled at 15:15 - it stays like this until 15:25 and then shows the
values that was sampled at 15:20...

Is there a parameter I can modify in the orca perl program , I would like the
GIF to show the value of the last sample  read in ....Any help is

Thanks ,

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