[Orca-users] Incorrect Daily host Disk Run Percent Data

Thomas Alex talex at commgensys.com
Thu Nov 25 10:51:25 PST 1999

From: "Thomas Alex" <talex at commgensys.com>

I'm running Orca-0.25 on a Sun 450 with all of its disk located in the
internal storage bay.  Everything runs fine except that the Daily host Disk
Run Percent Graph shows incorrect disk (c?t?d?) labels.  The data that is
collected actually contains the invalid entries.  I've checked the
orcallator.se script which appears to gather disk info generated by
p_iostat_class.se but I'm not 100% sure.  Has anyone else seen this problem?
Is there a fix that can be applied?  Interesting to note that this disk data
problem does not happen on an UE3000 with a SSA containing 18 disks.

Thanks, Tom

Thomas Alex, CommGeneral Systems Ltd.	thomas.alex at commgensys.com
http://www.commgensys.com			403.777.1720

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