[Orca-users] Re: Problem with start_orcallator !

Blair Zajac bzajac at geostaff.com
Mon Sep 13 17:48:14 PDT 1999


This happens when the installed system did not have the se program in the
patch when configure was run.  Install se and then either edit
start_orcallator and modify the SE= line or rerun configure.


> Alexandre Marquis wrote:
> When I try to start orcallator with the "start_orcallator" command, it gives
> me this:
> > Writing data into /export/local/percol/orca/var/orca/orcallator/picard/
> > Using www access log file /opt/apache-1.3.6/logs/access_log
> > Starting logging
> > ./start_orcallator: -DWATCH_OS: not found
> I can't obtain any data in my orcallator-yyyy-mm-dd files.
> Can you help me please ?
> Alexandre Marquis
> amarquis at matrox.com
> M.I.S. Department
> Matrox Electonic System Ltd.

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