[Orca-users] Re: problem: Too many files

Blair Zajac bzajac at geostaff.com
Wed Sep 15 11:31:57 PDT 1999

I have already put documentation for the 256 file descriptor problem into
Orca.  It would be handy if there was a rlimit module for Perl, but I
did not find one on CPAN.

I would keep the percollator.se files around, since the next version of
Orca will need to reread them.  However, if you want to compress them
using gzip -9, then go ahead.  I can send a version of Orca that handles
compressed percol-* files.


Duncan Lawie wrote:
> From: Duncan Lawie <duncanl at demon.net>
> Hi,
> I found the file descriptor problem below, and would recommend a brief note being added to the documentation.  I'm actually
> starting orca with an rc2 script, so I've put my
> ulimit -n 256
> in there.
> My current question is actually whether there are too many files altogether.  I have taken to deleting percollator files
> more than a week old as the information has all gone into the RRDs.  However, this means that orca gets unhappy about old
> files that have gone missing.
> Is there any need to keep old source text files longer than a week (assuming my RRDs are safely backed up) ?
> Cheers,
> Duncan.
> Blair Zajac wrote:
> > Orca is designed to use 256 file descriptors.  Problems of this sort
> > occur when there is a limit on the number of open file descriptors
> > for a single process less than 256.  Type
> >
> > limit
> >
> > and see what it says for descriptors.  You'll need to increase this
> > number in your shell or cron.
> >
> > Blair
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> Duncan Lawie
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