[Orca-users] Re: Alphaev6-dec-osf4.0f

Blair Zajac bzajac at geostaff.com
Thu Sep 16 18:55:55 PDT 1999

Orca is using the latest autoconf and this does not appear to recognize
your OS.  There should not be a problem configuring Orca, unless
configure quits.  Orca itself is a Perl script that is OS independent
for the most part.  The orcallator.se, however, will only run on


Jennifer Hayes wrote:
> From: Jennifer Hayes <jennifer.Hayes at det.nsw.edu.au>
> Is the above architecture supported in Orca. I have the latest version
> (0.23) and have checked out the config files which appear to only have
> ev4 & ev5 support.
> I am getting the following error when trying to configure Orca.
> checking host system type... Invalid configuration
> `alphaev6-dec-osf4.0f': machi
> ne `alphaev6-dec' not recognized
> checking target system type... Invalid configuration
> `alphaev6-dec-osf4.0f': mac
> hine `alphaev6-dec' not recognized
> checking build system type... Invalid configuration
> `alphaev6-dec-osf4.0f': mach
> ine `alphaev6-dec' not recognized
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