[Orca-users] Re: number of columns does not match column description (NOT)

Blair Zajac blair at akamai.com
Thu Aug 3 17:13:30 PDT 2000

If some of the lines in the file do not have the same number of
columns as the first line, then it will complain.  Please double
check that the /tmp/line file is the line of the file that Orca
complained about.  I'd be surprised if Orca has a bug here.

In any case, this isn't that large of an issue, except that some
data will not be plotted until the number of columns matches the
number of columns in the first line of the file.  This happens
when some new device or disk has been added or removed from the
system.  The longest that you'll have missing data in our output
plots is till the end of the current day.  The next day's data
will be properly loaded into Orca and plotted.


kevin at smolkowski.com wrote:
> I am running orca-0.26 and Orcallator.se Version 1.25.  Orca
> is complaining that the number of columns does not match column
> description but this isnt true.
> If I cut out the lines and compare them, the columns match,
> bash-2.03# wc -w /tmp/header
>      405 /tmp/header
> bash-2.03# wc -w /tmp/line
>      405 /tmp/line
> The lines are pretty long as we have lots of disks.  Is this a known
> problem or should I start digging?
> kevin at smolkowski.com
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