[Orca-users] no qfes on 1 system, other dies

dave.pyles at boeing.com dave.pyles at boeing.com
Tue Aug 8 10:58:55 PDT 2000

I've been setting up some systems with orcallator.se, I've found 
problems with 2 of them.

1) no qfes or hmes are graphed, also don't show up in zoom.se. 
/etc/path_to_inst shows 3 qfe cards, only 1 shows in prtdiag. The one 
that shows in prtdiag is qfe8,9,10,11. It is working on the network 
according to netstat, ifconfig, and qfetr. I'm thinking that two
were removed without a boot -r afterwards, haven't tried a boot -r to 
verify this yet. Has anyone else seen this?

2) when doing a start_orcallator, it starts, then:
Fatal: member: drop vanished!: Near line 285
This also happens with zoom.se, infotool.se, but not disks.se

Both are E6000s running 2.51, SE 3.0.

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