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you need to make sure that 

1) the number of allowed open files is 1024 by default in /etc/system
(ie the safe maximum under sol 2.6 or lower) and the highest possible
setting is also set.


2) the ulimit for the process (a root cron job in my case) is set high
enough ('ulimit -n 1024' im my case)

here's my cron job that I run every hour (or greater if needed) to
collect and update the graphs for 4 machines
.mirror is from http://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/packages/mirror, but can use
rsync or something else if you want. It just copies the orcallator
output from the hosts to the display host.

ulimit -n 1024

. /export/home/tmgh/.profile
export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH

# Mirror sites
/usr/local/bin/mirror/mirror /export/home/tmgh/bin/orca_mirror_package

/usr/local/bin/orca  -o -v /usr/local/lib/orcallator.cfg



"Frechette, Stephen" wrote:
> Hello,
> question:
>         Orca works fine when I only have about 30 days worth of logs, but
> when I restart orca with three months worth of daily orcallator logs, it
> doesn't work.  Should I forget about using previous months logs when
> restarting orca, and only have orca process the previous month's logs?
> background:
>         I am trying display 7 orcallator client's graphs from a server
> running orca.  I successfully have six clients on the server, but I
> get the server to work with 7 orcallator clients.  I tried restarting orca
> and I get the warning: "can't open file, to many files open".  During this
> period orca tries to unzip many orcallator logs, or percol-xxxxx.gz files.
> When I run ostart, after I run ostop, orca tries to unzip about 4 mounths
> worth of daily logs and using "ps" I can see orca trying to unzip these
> files, the process for unzip the files doesn't accomplish anything in one
> hour.  Thank you.
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