[Orca-users] Interval questions

Charles Dennett charles.dennett at kodak.com
Fri Mar 3 10:46:45 PST 2000

From: Charles Dennett <charles.dennett at kodak.com>

I've recently installed orca 0.25 on my server and
the latest orcallator on a whole bunch of machines.
I've been reading through the archives for this list and still
have some questions around the orcallator interval and the orca

The orcallators still collect data every 5 minutes. 

Some of the machines NFS mount the orca area from the server.
Other machines, however, are on the outside of our firewall
and I do not have NFS available.  So, what I've done is to
write a small shell script that connects to each of these
servers via ftp and our firewall ftp relay mechanism and
copys the orcallator data files every 5 minutes to the orca

I run orca with the -v or -v -v flags and watch what happens.
Right now orca is handling 15 machines.  If I leave the
interval in the orcallator.cfg file at 300 seconds, orca
runs continuously.  As soon as it process all 15, it's
time to do it again.  I raised the interval in the config file
to 600 seconds and it does finish processing once in a while and
sleeps for a minute or two before starting again.  If I raise it
to 900 seconds, it sleeps more often.  My orca server is
an Ultra 1 and also handles our department's mail, printing and
SAMBA.  It's not too busy with other stuff but I don't want to
see orca taking over the cpu.

So, I guess I really don't know if anything "bad" will happen if
I leave the orcallator collecting data ever 5 minutes and my jobs
that transfers those files from the non-NFS machines running every
5 minutes and then have the orca interval set to 600 or 900 seconds.
Does it make a difference of the orca interval is an integer multiple
of the orcallator interval?  What about a non integer multiple?

Comments or suggestion?

Again thanks to Blair for a super piece of software.  Even the
orca source has a ton of comments to make understanding what
it does a lot easier.

Charlie Dennett
Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY
Sitemaster http://www.kodak.com

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