[Orca-users] Varying number of columns in data.

Allen Canning canning at colltech.com
Fri Mar 3 11:19:00 PST 2000

From: Allen Canning <canning at colltech.com>

I have installed orca at my client site, and I am having
some troubles.  I am collecting data with the SE toolkit,
and copying to a machine that is my main orca server.

It looks like the data from the SE toolkit is changing while
the SE toolkit is running.  I've tracked it down to the
Veritas volumes on the system.  When they are backed up the
mirrors are broken, and mounted as other filesystems.  This
causes the columns in orcallator to change midstream.
Orcallator is smart enough to add a new header line, but
orca croaks on these new lines.  It complains about the
number of columns changing, which is true.

Is there a way to configure orca, to change columns by
reading the new header from the orcallator files?  I've read
the docs, but didn't really find anything that pointed to

Version of orcallator: 1.23
Version of orca: 0.25

Any help appreciated.

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