[Orca-users] Re: orca 0.25 build

mgx at ornl.gov mgx at ornl.gov
Fri Mar 10 09:48:25 PST 2000

From: mgx at ornl.gov

blair ...

if i let orca build and install RRDtool, then reinstall the current
RRDtool will that solve 
the issue? thanks!

-- michael

--- In orca-users at onelist.com, Blair Zajac <blair at a...> wrote:
> Well, at the time it seemed like a good idea.  The idea was that
> would link against a shared librrdtool.so library so the Orca
package was
> designed to build the library on Solaris systems.
> In the next release, the configure process will not do this unless
you have
> an out of date RRDtool.
> Blair

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