[Orca-users] Re: gigabit problems

Adam Levin alevin at audible.com
Fri Mar 10 11:18:18 PST 2000

From: Adam Levin <alevin at audible.com>

On Fri, 10 Mar 2000, Blair Zajac wrote:
> From: Blair Zajac <blair at akamai.com>
> The problem your having seems to be familar to the one posted on
> March 6th.  Does the message below help?
> From: "Johnny Mastin" <john.mastin at bms.com>
> I found out what was going on here.  se checks for all interfaces, 
> whether they are fired or not.  On this box, I had 9 interfaces.  
> When I added the gigabit ethernet workarounds, it bumped it to 11.
> Well, it didn't increment MAX_IF to 12, se kept it at 10.  This is 
> a built-in that can be modified on the command line.  So, I changed
> the command line in start_orcallator to include -DMAX_IF=11 and she
> worked like a charm!

I saw this message in the archives, and I guess I should have mentioned
that -- sorry.  This isn't the case for me because we only have three
interfaces total in the machine, two gigabit and one hme.  Only one
interface is actually up, so I guess I could add the code to ignore the
other interfaces.


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