[Orca-users] Re: gigabit problems

John Mastin john.mastin at bms.com
Mon Mar 13 09:31:30 PST 2000

From: John Mastin <john.mastin at bms.com>

Adam Levin wrote:
I saw this message in the archives, and I guess I should have 
mentioned that -- sorry.  This isn't the case for me because we only
have three interfaces total in the machine, two gigabit and one hme. 
Only one interface is actually up, so I guess I could add the code to
ignore the other interfaces.


se goes out and figures the number of interfaces dynamically.  It is
supposed to do <n> interfaces +1.  This seems to work fine on
non-gigabit ethernet'd machines.  The problem with the sizing comes when
you throw gigabit ethernet into the mix.  If you have more than one on
your box, you run out of dynamically allocated interface slots.  Rich's
suggestion was the take the number of interfaces listed and keep adding
one until it stops griping.

You will find that any and all se scripts will break (on said box)
unless you add the -DMAX_IF argument.


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