[Orca-users] Re: nan errors

mick at iprolink.ch mick at iprolink.ch
Mon Mar 13 22:30:53 PST 2000

From: mick at iprolink.ch


I am sure that the interval in the config file is shorter
than the real time I collect data.  I am collecting 
thousands of values each cycle, and of course the little
machine I have dedicated for this can't keep up.

Should I make the interval number larger, or is there
some other way to get rid of the NaNs?  I already tried
makeing late_interval interval * 2, but perhaps that
is not enough.


> Is the interval time in orcallator.cfg the same as orcallator is
> recording
> data?  This may account for it.
> How is the data showing up as NAN's.  I'm guessing the plots are not
> showing anything?  Have you checked the orcallator.se output files. Is
> there data there at those times?  Is the number of columns different
> at those times than at the top of the file?
> Blair
> Mickey Coggins wrote:
> > 
> > I get a lot of "nan" errors in my RRD files.  This is an old problem,
> > and I still have it with .26.  What causes this?
> > 

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