[Orca-users] RE: nan errors

Mickey Coggins mick at iprolink.ch
Tue Mar 14 01:20:17 PST 2000

From: "Mickey Coggins" <mick at iprolink.ch>

> If the interval in the config file is shorter than the real time data,
> then some percentage of the measurements in the RRD file will
> be NAN, since there is no measurement to fill that time interval.
> Always keep the two intervals the same.
> If you still have the old data saved, you can delete the old RRD
> files, set the interval correctly, and restart orca.


I changed the interval from 300 to 1000 but I still see the same
error.  Do I have to do something to re-initalize the RRDs?

My data collection time is about every 900-950 seconds, depending
on the system load.


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