[Orca-users] Re: Question: Different data transfer mechanism ??

Blair Zajac blair at akamai.com
Mon Mar 27 10:55:54 PST 2000

You can always use the local filesystem to store the files and
have a crontab copy the files over to the server that runs Orca.
You'll want to make sure you don't copy old files around, because
anytime a file's mtime changes, Orca will reread it.


Sean O'Neill wrote:
> From: "Sean O'Neill" <sean.oneill at appnet.com>
> Hey folks,
> Does anyone have a different data transfer mechanism for Orca besides NFS ?
> If the NFS server the data is going to goes down or some butt head messes up
> the NFS mount point, this can cause problems on the remote system for apps
> or programs that depend on the /etc/mnttab file being "stable".  This
> obviously should NEVER happen ... but who knows :)  Just curious ...
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