[Orca-users] Re: writing data to my input file to orca if no new data is found

Jeff Lucas lucasjh at tfn.com
Mon Mar 27 11:19:06 PST 2000

From: "Jeff Lucas" <lucasjh at tfn.com>

Blair - 

Thanks so much for your quick response.

I'm definately noticing the blank area(s) in the graphs when there is
no data, however, the "percentages" stay at 100% as the calculation
seems to only use data that is collected. I want orca to write a line
to the data input file (if it finds that no new data arrived) so that
it will use the zeroes in calculating a more accurate percentage of

i.e. it seems like there is logic in orca to check if the data has
been updated since the loop, before it attempts to generate graphs
again. If it determines there was no new data, it skips creating the
graphs, correct? Couldn't I just tell it to append a dummy line to my
data input file at that point?

Here's a sample of my data input file...
# tail -5 tabloid.uptime
954183802 100 100
954183922 100 100
954184043 100 100
954184163 100 100
954184283 100 100

As I'm new to programming, I'm having trouble following the logic of
orca program. i.e. I noticed there are multiple subroutines called
"new." How can there be multiple subroutines with the same name?
Wouldn't this confuse perl? Is there a perl book you can recommend
that would help me to better understand?

I apologize for all of the questions but my "Learing Perl" book is
not much help.

Thanks again.


--- In orca-users at onelist.com, Blair Zajac <blair at a...> wrote:
> I don't think this will be too easy.  When Orca doesn't find
> any data, it won't plot any data, so maybe you could always
> plot 1 when the system is up.  Will this work?
> For example, look at the image at
> http://www.gps.caltech.edu/~blair/
> It clearly shows when no data was being collected.
> Blair
> Jeff Lucas wrote:
> > 
> > From: "Jeff Lucas" <lucasjh at tfn.com>
> > 
> > I am currently using orca to graph "uptime" data collected from
> > multiple systems. The data files consist of three columns...
> > epoch sys_uptime_value app_uptime_value
> > 
> > epoch - number of seconds since ???? 1971
> > sys_uptime - 0 or 1 (system either up or down)
> > app_uptime - 0 or 1 (app either up or down)
> > 
> > Each system has its own data file. I've attempted reading and
> > modifying orca so that when it does NOT find the input data file
> > updated (it assumes the sys and app are down), it updates it by
> > appending a line to the corresponding input data file
> > 
> > epoch 0 0
> > 
> > Unfortunately, I've been unsuccessful.
> > 
> > Can someone tell me if this can be done within the config file or
> > it needs to be done in the orca program, and if so, where/how.
> > 
> > Much thanks in advance!
> > 
> > -Jeff
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