[Orca-users] Re: orcallator and rm6 device

Blair Zajac blair at akamai.com
Thu Mar 30 08:35:12 PST 2000

Is this an SE issue or orcallator issue?  Version 1.23 and above of
orcallator fixes the following issue:

// Version 1.23: Feb 25, 2000   When orcallator.se was running on a system
//                              with DiskSuite, the same physical disk was
//                              listed multiple times when it appeared in
//                              several metadevices.  The solution to the
//                              problem is not to build the c0t0d0 name but
//                              use the long disk name provided by the
//                              long_name string.  Patch contributed by Paul
//                              Haldane <Paul.Haldane at newcastle.ac.uk>.

Will this help?

Get orcallator.se at



Phil Nguyen wrote:

> From: Phil Nguyen <pnguyen at flycast.com>
> Have anybody run orcallator on system with devices built by rm6 (Sun HW
> Raid)? Does it work properly? The reason I ask is SE3 seems to have some
> problems with rm6 device  such as it can't map sd number to cXtXdX and not
> reporting the device in some of the functions.
> Thanks,
> -Phil
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