[Orca-users] Rsync and Orca - Appears to work

Sean O'Neill sean.oneill at appnet.com
Fri Mar 31 10:29:31 PST 2000


In a "alpha" sort of mode, Rsync and Orca seem to play very nicely together.
I just set this up this morning so this hasn't run for a full day yet.  I'm
curious to see what how my rsync script handles the condition when the
current day's data set is gzip by the orcallator.se script on the Orca

I haven't modified orcallator.se yet to implement the rsync itself.  I
currently have a Korn shell script to rsync the orcallator data over to the
RRD machine.  But so far so good :)  I'll get back with some more details as
I develope this.

Sean O'Neill
AppNet, Inc.
sean.oneill at appnet.com
301-939-1000 (Office)
301-939-1213 (Direct)
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