[Orca-users] Re: web server hit rate

Blair Zajac blair at akamai.com
Wed Feb 7 15:28:12 PST 2001

Try running this:

    cat percol-2000-02-02 | orcallator_column -


    zcat percol-2000-02-02.gz | orcallator_column -

on one of the output data files.

This will print the columns

    httpop/s http/p5s httpb/s NoCP

in the data file

Is this data all 0?  If so, I'm guessing that your web server access
logs cannot be properly parsed.  If they are ok, then the problem is
with Orca.


Prashant Somashekar wrote:
> i am running ncsa logs....i see all of the strings that you mentioned
> (httpop/s, http/p5s, %to1KB, and it is configured via
> WATCH_WEB="-DWATCH_WEB" ...We have added a DWATCH-HTTPD to the line to
> see if that makes a difference(i did it just now, and waiting for
> results).  do you have any other suggestions?    Thanks, i really
> appreciate it.
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