[Orca-users] Submission for a fix to qe interface Input/Ouput KB/sec issue in SE Toolkit as it affects Orca

O'Neill, Sean sean.oneill at commerceone.com
Fri Feb 9 00:01:12 PST 2001

I submit this because I have a SS20 with a quad qe board.  I know the board
is discontinued but I wanted MY GRAPHS !!!!  Peter Radcliff posted last year
that the SE folks said that the qe interface driver doesn't supply
Input/Output KB statistics.  Well, I noticed that in netstat -k, the qe
interface does have this information just like the le interface.  So I
started nosing around and found that the /usr/include/sys/qe.h include file
with Solaris 8 supplies the same MIB information for Input/Output just like
the le interface file.

So far my graphs look correct.

I changed the following:

# cd /opt/RICHPse/include
# diff netif.se netif.se.orig
<       ooctets        = if_qe.obytes + if_qe.multixmt + if_qe.brdcstxmt;
<       ioctets        = if_qe.rbytes + if_qe.multircv + if_qe.brdcstrcv;


# cd /opt/RICHPse/include
# diff kstat.se kstat.se.orig
< /* Added 2/09/2001 - SON */
<     ulong_t  rbytes;
<     ulong_t  obytes;
<     ulong_t  multircv;
<     ulong_t  multixmt;
<     ulong_t  brdcstrcv;
<     ulong_t  brdcstxmt;
<     ulong_t  norcvbuf;
<     ulong_t  noxmtbuf;
< /* Added 2/09/2001 - SON */

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sean.oneill at commerceone.com probably said:
> On 4/25/2000 you posted a question to the orca-users group asking if
> anyone had ever seen the problem of no data showing up for KB/sec on
> qe interfaces.  Did you ever receive back an answer.
> I have an old SS20 running Solaris 8 with a quad qe board that has
> exact same issue. Data for packets/sec and other network stuff but
> nothing for KB/sec.

I was sure I posted the reply to that problem - I was told by Adrian
Cockcroft that the qe driver does not provide that information for SE
to take, and since the qe card is long discontinued it probably never
will. The qfe driver does provide that information, so replacing the
card is the only known workaround :/


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