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a101i08 at dvg.de a101i08 at dvg.de
Mon Feb 12 01:39:36 PST 2001

Dear Blair,
I run Orca via cron with -o option. I made stop & start orca process, but
it's not work. What i have made:

# ./stop_orcallator
# ./orca -o /usr/local/orca/lib/orcallator.cfg  (whith changes)
# ./start_orcallator
# ./orca -o /usr/local/orca/lib/orcallator.cfg  (whith changes)

But in my browser hangt damn yahoo banner. What is wrong?????

If you have Orca running continuously, that is without starting it
every X minutes, then it won't pick up the changes in the configuration
file.  What some people do is run Orca every hour via cron and then
use the -o command line option, which instructs Orca to quit after it
has loaded all the new data, created the plots and HTML files.

You'll want to quit and restart Orca.


a101i08 at dvg.de wrote:
> Dear Blair,
> I have changed orallator.cfg , as you wrote to me, but this doesn't
> work:(
> The sighn: "These plots brought to you by your local system
> administrator."
> Can't change also.
> What am I doing wrong?
> ____________________________________________________________________
> html_top_title          DVG E10k Domains Status
> html_page_header
>   <a href="http://www.dvg.de/assets/header_logo.gif">
>     <img border=0 alt="dvg - ein Unternehmen der
> Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe"
>      src="http://www.dvg.de/assets/header_logo.gif"
>      width=617 height=87></a>
>   <spacer type=vertical size=4>
> html_page_footer
>   <spacer type=vertical size=20>
>   <font face="Arial,Helvetica">
>     These plots brought to you by your UNIX Server Control Center
> administrator.
>   </font>

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