[Orca-users] Re: Digest Number 237

Blair Zajac blair at akamai.com
Thu Feb 15 20:50:48 PST 2001

Orcallator.se should already record this information.  However, you
should check this by looking at the output orcallator.se data files
and see if the first line in one of the files contains strings like:


Once you've verified that the data is being recorded, add this to
your orcallator.cfg.in file.  Add one of these for each interface
you have and change the ge0 to ge1, ge2, etc.

# Gigabit Ethernet.
plot {
title                   %g Interface Bits Per Second: ge0
source                  orcallator
data                    1024 * 8 * ge0InKB/s
data                    1024 * 8 * ge0OuKB/s
line_type               area
line_type               line1
legend                  Input
legend                  Output
y_legend                Bits/s
data_min                0
data_max                1000000000


a101i08 at dvg.de wrote:
> Hi, all.
> How can i see information about GBit (gigabit) card in orca? Have
> anybody
> script for this info?
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