[Orca-users] Re: orca to plot the same date 2 time but the data_type

Blair Zajac blair at akamai.com
Wed Feb 21 18:57:58 PST 2001

Are these HTML pages publicly available for me to look at?

Currently data_max is specified for an entire plot, not for each
data in that.  If this is a strong requirement, please let me know.

The configuration file has a misspelling:

    line_type ligne2

instead of

    line_type line2

I don't know what you mean with your last question.

I noticed that you have the word "derive" with some of the plots.
If you want to use it as in your last email, it needs to be in a
data_plot, as in:

plot XXXX {
data_type derive

You may also want to look at using "counter" instead of derive if that
is more appropriate.


> Mbh wrote:
> some remark in regard of my config
> - orca said me , error because 2 data_max on the same plot , even so i
> have 2 ligne in this plot ??
> - inside the plot "sunchun" normaly I have 6 plot , but orca draw only
> 4 plot , the 2 first are ok , but the 2 last was " ligne2"
> - i supose a broblem with DERIVE and also went you ask orca to plot
> the same date 2 time but the data_type different ?
> Regards
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