[Orca-users] Orca and RRD integration

P_Gere p_gere at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 1 14:26:41 PST 2002


  I'm maintaining a set of monitoring tools that use Curses for
display. Since the data was being stored in flat files, i wanted to
move that to RRD. The objective being, storage of data for a longer
period without bloating up the file size and getting graphical display
of the monitoring data. On achieving this, i wanted to integrate the
RRD files with Orca in order to get the display on a web page.

  The problem i'm facing is, though i can generate the RRD files, i'm
not clear on how to use Orca to read these files to generate the
graphs. I have set the RRD directive in the "orcallator.cfg" config
file, but i still need to define the format of the RRDs::fetch() that
would be needed to read data from the RRD file. How can i get Orca to
use, maybe a perl script that contains all the RRD::fetch rules to
generate the display?

  I would greatly appreciate if i can get help on this.


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