[Orca-users] Generate HTML Only

bias16 list2002 at bias.org
Tue Apr 2 07:20:01 PST 2002

Has anyone had anyone had any luck/purpose to rewrite orca so it only
generates the HTML?  No PNG.  No RRD.

To keep up with over 300 clients with increasing historic data, I run
half a dozen orca processes in the daemon mode.  The first time I run
these process, I run them with the search path that includes historic
bz2 date.  After everything is caught up (6-7 hours later), I kill the
orca processes and restart them EXCLUDING bz2 from the search path.
This has worked great to keep my graphs recent (5-10 minutes old).

We continue to build servers and auto-add them to orca processes.  The
split processes work great for getting my PNG/RDD up to date.
However, to generate the initial HTML for pages and in include hosts
in all-inclusive /orca/index.html list, I need to run an orca process
that includes everything.  Upon doing this, I periodically get clients
that end up with gaps from (time of all-inclusive run) to (midnight
the next day).  This can happen on consecutive days or not happen at
all for a week.  I can not see a pattern to it doing this and it will
only happen a few different servers (10-12) from time to time.

The only way I have found to FIX the gap is to erase all the RRD files
and recreate the graphs from scratch (another 6-7 hours).

Ideally, I would like to have a script that just generates the HTML so
I do not confuse the parallel rrd/png action.  Anyone done this?


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