[Orca-users] Re: How to configure orcallator.cfg???

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Fri Apr 5 22:20:23 PST 2002

nurik_m wrote:
> > I recommend using Perl 5.6.1 if you can use it.  Use one of the
> > precompiled binaries at
> Ok, I installed Perl 5.6.1 But still can't run orca.
> > Are you running orcallator.se?  That's the data collection tool that
> > Orca uses.
> How must I run it? I didn't find about it in "Orca Manual Page and
> Usage" Only "orca [-gifs] [-o] [-r] [-v [-v [-v]]] configuration_file"

Read the INSTALL document, it goes into great detail.

I hope you're running Solaris, because that's the only OS orcallator.se
runs on.

> i use it as "./orca ../lib/orcallator.cfg"

This is correct, but it's missing the data files recorded by

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