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Lightfoot.Michael lightfoot.michael at comcare.gov.au
Thu Apr 18 17:14:50 PDT 2002

I run two largely VxFS systems (Sunfire 3800 domains running Solaris 8, Ver= itas filesystem 3.3.3).  Disk stats are reported correctly AFAICT with= 1.32 of orcallator.se (except for the known Orca bug where graphs are repe= ated - is this number of mount points related?)  There are 11 VxFS fil= esystems on one domain and 9 on the other.

Michael Lightfoot
ISG/Host Systems
ext 0680

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Edgard Dap=E1s wrote:
> Any body knows whitch orca version can see the veritas files system an= d
> where can i download?

The version of Orca isn't an issue here, its which version of orcallator.se=
works with Veritas.

I don't have Veritas filesystems to test orcallator.se, but I would try
the latest one at

    http://www= .orcaware.com/orca/pub/

which is currently 1.32 at



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