[Orca-users] Re: Anyone have modifications to orcallator.se for ...

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Sun Apr 21 10:57:21 PDT 2002

Sean O'Neill wrote:
> Anyone have mods to orcallator.se for:
> Page Reclaims
> Major Page Faults
> Minor Page Faults
> Pages Paged In
> Pages Paged Out
> Pages Freed
> Interrupts
> Interrupts as Threads
> System Calls
> Context Switches
> Involuntary Context Switches
> Thread Migrations
> Spins on read/write locks
> Inter-process Cross-calls
> ??? If so, willing to share them with the group ?

I haven't seen any, but somebody may have done them.

It shouldn't be that hard to do.  All orcallator.se does is pull values
out from the SE include files that do most of the work

For example, all the TCP measurements are handled by this code:

  put_output("tcp_Iseg/s", sprintf("%10.3f", tmp_tcp.InDataSegs));
  put_output("tcp_Oseg/s", sprintf("%10.3f", tmp_tcp.OutDataSegs));
  put_output("tcp_InKB/s", sprintf("%10.3f", tmp_tcp.InDataBytes/1024.0));
  put_output("tcp_OuKB/s", sprintf("%10.3f", tmp_tcp.OutDataBytes/1024.0));
  put_output("tcp_Ret%",   sprintf("%8.3f",  tmp_tcp.RetransPercent));
  put_output("tcp_Dup%",   sprintf("%8.3f",  tmp_tcp.InDupPercent));
  put_output("tcp_Icn/s",  sprintf("%9.3f",  tmp_tcp.PassiveOpens));
  put_output("tcp_Ocn/s",  sprintf("%9.3f",  tmp_tcp.ActiveOpens));
  put_output("tcp_estb",   sprintf("%8lu",   tmp_tcp.last.tcpCurrEstab));
  put_output("tcp_Rst/s",  sprintf("%9.3f",  tmp_tcp.OutRsts));
  put_output("tcp_Atf/s",  sprintf("%9.3f",  tmp_tcp.AttemptFails));
  put_output("tcp_Ldrp/s", sprintf("%10.3f", tmp_tcp.ListenDrop));
  put_output("tcp_LdQ0/s", sprintf("%10.3f", tmp_tcp.ListenDropQ0));
  put_output("tcp_HOdp/s", sprintf("%10.3f", tmp_tcp.HalfOpenDrop));

The hard work is finding which SE file records the date you need and
determining the exact values to print.

If you put something together, I can help finialize it for inclusion
into orcallator.se.


Blair Zajac <blair at orcaware.com>
Web and OS performance plots - http://www.orcaware.com/orca/

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