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Redondo Escobar, Alejandro aredondo at indra.es
Mon Apr 22 22:40:28 PDT 2002

No, the "se" and orcallator.se, are only the source of perfomance data. It collects the data onto files named "percol*" or "orcallator*" depending on version of "orcallator.se" you are using (you can configure it, if you want)
To generate the plots, you must run the "orca" script (perl) located in $prefix/bin. To make this perl program run, you must have several perl libraries installed with your base distribution. It's all explained into the orca install procedure.

Hope it helps, good luck!

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Hi ,

I am new to orcallator i have used all features of se till now but
havent given try to orcallator can i get the graphs just by running
se orcallator.se if it is yes then where can i find the image files
for graphs generated .
Sorry for asking such question but help in this regard would be
highly appreciated Pl let me know all details as i have gone to ora
site but its not clear from the faq and other doc there

Thanks in advance

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