[Orca-users] Re: Adding Removing graphs and plots

Darren Dunham ddunham at taos.com
Tue Apr 23 07:58:11 PDT 2002

> > I have Orca running successfully on my test systems and want to get rid of
> > the plots and html graphs for NFS stuff as we dont use it as well as all the
> > graphs and plots that are web related. I tried to comment out the plots in
> > the orcallator.cfg file and it works as far as not showing the NFS/Web
> > graphs etc when it rebuilds the index.html file but produces a lot of errors
> > into the orca.log file such as below. Is it a just a matter of commenting
> > out the plots in the orcallator.cfg or do I need to do something else.
> I think it'd be cleaner to remove those measurements from the SE generated
> data, so that Orca never even had to deal with it.  Don't define WATCH_WEB
> in the startup script (in /etc/init.d), and remove the WATCH_NFS stuff in
> orcallator.se (you could remove the WATCH_HTTPD and WATCH_WEB in
> orcallator.se too).

Maybe, but the RRDs already have the data.  If you leave it in the .cfg,
then orca will still spend time creating new PNGs and HTML files from
the old data. 

Removing the plots from the .cfg shouldn't be a problem.  I don't know
what's going on with the OP, but I routinely trim at .cfg for speed and
better presentation of data, but leave all the data in the orcallator
files so I can go back and graph if I need to.  The only thing I've done
is comment out the plot sections.  I don't get the errors reported.

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