[Orca-users] [Fwd: [setoolkit] New SE scripts]

Erik Melander EMelander at wyndham.com
Tue Apr 30 07:56:41 PDT 2002

Thought you guys might find this interesting.  workollator.se takes care
of tracking context switching and several other cpu related items that
orcallator.se currently does not track.  Hopefully integration of
Adrian's changes into the current orcallator.se is trivial :)


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From: Adrian Cockcroft <adrian.cockcroft at sun.com>
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Subject: [setoolkit] New SE scripts
Date: 28 Apr 2002 01:31:34 -0700

I developed some extensions and new scripts, they were used
to monitor the Sun systems back-ending the Salt Lake 2002
Olympics and I hope they will be part of the next release of
SE. For now you can get them from


Included is a Bigbrother (www.bb4.com) writer, based on monlog.se
and a workload logger that feeds pw data into orca, after
some setup to specify the workload groups and some post
processing to rip the log file into separate workloads for orca

Let me know if you try it and please send in fixes.

The various files are mixed up, some need to be put into RICHPse/include
to extend or replace the SE3.2.1 files. Read the code...
The bigbrother.se script is self contained.
tmplog is some example output to show the format from pw_log.se
pw_rules.se feeds the workloads to the process rules.
pw_log.se is an early attempt at logging
workollator.se is the one that feeds orca, workollator_example.sh
is a startup script for it.

Cheers Adrian

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