[Orca-users] Re: web server processes

mbanker1966 mtb at nac.net
Tue Apr 30 13:17:04 PDT 2002

I've looked at a few of the machines in question, and httpd is
running with the full directory name:


ps correctly shows them, but with the full name.


--- In orca-users at y..., Blair Zajac <blair at o...> wrote:
> mbanker1966 wrote:
> >
> > Running the latest orcallator, and noticed that on servers where
> > httpd is running, the chart that indicates number of web server
> > processes is blank.  There is another that indicates system and
> > server processes which looks fine.  Glancing at the code, it
seems to
> > be looking for httpd... any idea on why it's not catching them?
> No idea.  What is the server process name (exact name that is)?
> What is the output of ps?
> Best,
> Blair
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