[Orca-users] Re: ORCA Client

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Sun Jan 6 11:02:09 PST 2002

dlbias2002 wrote:
> Does anyone have "bare bones" listing of files needed for client
> install where no processing will occur?  Right now, I just install the
> entire orca distribution... but read that I could get by with
> replacement se, se toolkit, and startup scripts.  Anything else?

That's right.  All you need is to install is:

1) SE
2) The files in the orcallator/ directory.

So you could do something like:

1) cd orca-x.yy
2) ./configure .....
3) make a tar or do what you need to copy the orca to each system
4) cd orcallator
5) make install


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