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???? Keiko_Yoshikawa at cssd.mei.co.jp
Sun Jan 6 21:30:30 PST 2002

Dear Blair Zajac

Thank you for your advice.
Now, I can understand what you're mean and the same time,
I have a quetion.

Are these "/data/logs/access_log"and the access_log file that belongs in 
Apache the quite same thing? And the same role?
I thought these files are different things and have different roles.

If you say so(I mean these are the same thing in this time), 
I'll reset the log file in start_orcallator, it means
 change "/data/logs/access_log" to a file that has been used 
in apache since I  have installed apache.

Does it make sense what I wrote?

I'm sorry that my expression may be wrong, because English isn't
my first language.
I wish you can understand what I want to say.



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  > ???? wrote:
  > Hi. All!
  > I'm a beginner of Orca, and I installed it end of last mouth.
  > Now I'm in trouble,and I want to know about Log file.
  > When I install Orca, I set Log file, like next;
  > $./configure \
  > $==skip==
  > $--with-nsca-log=/data/logs/access_log
  > and I checked start_orcallator, next sentences on it;
  > #WEB_LOG contains the location of the web server log file
  > #that orcallator.se should read.
  > WEB_LOG=/data/logs/access_log
  > Although, the size of /data/logs/access_log keeps 0.
  > This problem maybe came from some easy-miss-setting.
  > But I don't have so much knowledge.

  Make sure you have your web server save access logs of all requests and
  make sure WEB_LOG points to this file.

  Since the file size is always 0, it sounds like either you're not saving
  access logs or have the wrong location.


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