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???? Keiko_Yoshikawa at cssd.mei.co.jp
Fri Jan 11 00:30:45 PST 2002

Thanks, Blair!

Well, now what I want to know is maybe both of Orca and orcallator.se, to
tell the truth.
: )
But, at first I'd like to clear the following problem;
how can I deal with some files that included in orca-0.27b2
package, I mean these files we can see in /orca-0.27b2/patches.
Should I install them?
Or is it better to do?
I want you to tell me the importance of these files having orca work on my

I had installed a set of patches of OS(Solaris2.6) already.

Thank you.

Keiko. Y
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  keiko wrote:
  > Hi, All.
  > I want to know about the necessarity of installing patches.


  Which patches are you referring to Solaris, Orca or orcallator.se patches?
  I would definitely install the latest bundle of Solaris patches from


  given that they fix some serious security holes.

  > I have installed Orca 0.27b2 to a machine on Solaris 2.6
  > (Sparc).
  > This machine isn't new one, so hasn't high speck CPU and
  > HD capacity.
  > Well, I checked some documents, but I couldn't find the one
  > wrote about it.
  > It's OK to let me know about document name that I look for
  > (I mean in this case which I told the upper of this mail),

  I'm not sure which one you are referring to.


  Blair Zajac <blair at orcaware.com>
  Web and OS performance plots - http://www.orcaware.com/orca/

  > and I'll feel happier if you tell me whether it's necessary or not
  > directly.
  > Thank you!
  > your,best.
  > keiko.Y

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