[Orca-users] RE: Seg fault (no core) on clustered pair of machine s

Catero, Andrew andrew.catero at attws.com
Wed Jan 16 08:23:16 PST 2002

I have the same problem too. I am running sun cluster 3.0 with 2 A5200 along
with oracle parallel server. Try commenting out the use raw disks in the
orcallator.cfg file. This allowed orca to work with my sun cluster boxes.

This worked for me. I also sent output to Blair.

Andy Catero

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I've grepped the message list for similar problems to this and can't find
anything that matches exactly although the disks problem may fit best, but
here goes:

I have orcallator running on 16 machines with no problem. They're a mixture
of Sun 250s, 420s, 450s, a couple of 3000s and a two domain E10K running a
mixture of Solaris 2.6, 7 and 8 at various patchlevels. Most are running
Veritas File System although some are running Disksuite and some have plain
old UFS.

I also have two machines that won't run orcallator at all. Running the
start_orcallator script causes the process to die and return Segmentation
Fault but no core. Running se -d -DWATCH_OS orcallator 5 generates the
output attached (last 50 lines as suggested).

These machines run Oracle 8i under Sun Cluster 3.0 and Veritas File System
but are otherwise similar to the other machines.

Any clues?

(See attached file: orcatail.txt)

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