[Orca-users] About Installing to Proxy

Keiko.Y Keiko_Yoshikawa at cssd.mei.co.jp
Thu Jan 17 17:57:25 PST 2002

  Morning, Blair!

  Well, you know now I'm trying to work orca in test surrounds,
   because I told before.

  I'll tell you what the final purpose is.
  I want to check the load of Proxy server by remote.
  And , I have been trying to stock the knowledge about orca with
  working orca in a test server.
  Now, I'm supposed to install orca & Stool to real Proxy sever.
  But there are some problems since I have some limitations,
  followings are that;

  1 This server has no compiler soft, I mean no gecko, and  not allow
  to install something like that in this server.
  2 This server has no gunzip and not allow to install it server.
  3 The directory we use, should be the only /opt/RICHPse/.

  Under these limitations, My trial process are the following.

  1 I did download Orca-0.27b2.tar.gz at the directory "/home/test"
  in another sever that installed gzip and gecko (I'll call Server B from
  2 Used gunzip and tar command, I melt the file on  the directory.
  3 Moved current-directory to "orca-0.27b2/packages"that were created
  when the process 1.
  4 Installed the 5 perl-modules using files in this directory
  because the INSTALL said were needed to install orca.
   Done like that(EXCEPT rrdtool) ;
     a 1cd XXX(Digestxxx or Mathxxx or Storablexx)
     a 2perl Makefile.PL
     a 3make
     a 4make install
  when rrdtool, done like that when my first trial;
     b 1cd rrdtool-xxx
     b 2sh configure --verbose
     b 3make site-perl-install
     b 4cd perl-shared
     b 5make test
     b 6make install
  5Moved back current-directory to"orca-0.27b2"
  6Done configuration like this
  7Used "make",done compiling, and done"make test"also,
  8Move bake current-directory to"test"
  9Done "tar cfv orca-0.27b2.tar orca-0.27b2
  10Transfer"orca-0.27b2.tar" to /home/test in the real server
  by ftp.
  11Used tar, melt "orca-0.27b2.tar"
  12Moved current-directory to "orca-0.27b2"
  13Done "make install".

  It seemed done smoothly, but when I tried to work orca by
  "/opt/ RICHPse/orca/bin/orca -v /opt/RICHPse/orca/lib/or-
  callator.cfg ", I got error that said there's no Command nevertheless
  there was binary file named "orca" in /opt/ RICHPse/orca/bin/.

  First I thought it might have something wrong with rrdtool installing way.
  so, I also retried process-4b like this;
  Done process-1to 9 except 4b3,b4,b5&b6 at the server B and
  done 11 to 13 at real server.
  It needless to say but While I done 11 to 13, I did try also the following
  process after moved current-directory to "rrdtoolxxx"
     b 3make site-perl-install
     b 4cd perl-shared
     b 5make test
     b 6make install

  But the result the things were getting worse, when I did b3 this time,
  I got error;
  $make site-perl-install
  cd perl-piped && make install
  make: Fatal error: Don't know how to make target
  Current working directory
  *** Error code 1
  make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `site-perl-install'

  Well, I 'd like to show me the direction, and save me!!!



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