[Orca-users] Working with up/down event data

Frank Wancho fwancho at WHC.NET
Fri Jun 14 15:26:48 PDT 2002

We're catching syslog entries sent from a Cisco 7206, extracting only
the up/down entries of the ATM subinterfaces, and appending the
resulting Unix time and state values to the respective subinterface
text files that I have Orca process hourly.  Because the data is very
sparse, it naturally does not plot well - it should look like a square

I believe such a square-wave can be generated with possibly "minor"
mods to Orca to define yet another data type behavior as follows.
Let's call this new data type "Binary" to represent any up/down,
on/off, i.e., two-state event data with the key, but rash assumption
that all "unknown" values are identical to the previous known value.
(It's "rash" because syslog entries sent by udp may be missed.)  I
believe you can tell rrdtool/graph to treat any "unknown" values as
having the value of the last known value.

Because I have several hundred subinterfaces, the at-a-glance view of
the state histories in the "All" view should be a multi-color
horizontal bars with, say, green representing uptime and red
representing downtime, one bar for each interface, all on the same

How do I do all this, given that this instance of Orca deals only with
this type of data?


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